An Omegle Transcript

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You: got any weird secrets?
Stranger: um no u
You: yep
You: i think everyone does
You: here’s mine: i’m an atheist
Stranger: oh im satonic
You: ah!
You: modern satanism or satanism as the church sees it?
You: satanism in the tradition of william blake?
You: because that’s just secular humanism, really 😉
Stranger: mean satanic church of satan
You: yeah but
You: the satanic church has split into facitons
You: factions**
You: the “man is central” faction
You: and the “we worship demons and think they’re real and we do magic and stuff” faction
Stranger: k
You: at least i thought it had
Stranger: wat about the necromandian book of death
You: the necronomicon?
You: that was in evil dead.
You: sorry i didn’t recognize the name so i googled it
Stranger: it cover is made of human skin and the words are written in blood
You: and you have one of these?
Stranger: no only one in extices or w.e in the world it was lost over seas and it had the power to control the world but its possible to get a copy but not its self
You: congrats, you have been the most interesting person i’ve talked to on here tonight
You: worst speller, but most interesting
You: snaps for you
Stranger: cuz im on my cell
You: on your cell?
You: they have a phone app for omegle?
You: wow, technology
Stranger: i no iz wierd
You: i’m still using one of them nokia lipstick phones
You: style over substance
Stranger: i got a nokia toucn screen n im here
You: so you’re out doing stuff then
You: or just not at a computer
Stranger: not at it jus layin down
You: by the way, if you have some sort of powers of darkness or know anyone who does, i would like to live forever
You: i’m only kind of joking here
Stranger: do u love ur family?
You: what’s left of it
Stranger: then if u were imortal ued see ur family die ur kids die ur wife die ur grandchildren die every one u could love will die and u l be stuck on the planet
You: 1. i am a woman
You: 2. i’m not having kids
You: 3.
You: i’ve seen so many people die
You: all i know is i don’t want to do it ever
Stranger: ok i wouldnt care all i want is world domination and i will have it
You: i’ll look for the guy with the nokia
You: and i’ll say, “Hey, you remember me; we talked on omegle”
You: and then you’ll still have me executed
You: because world domination is never leaving any witnesses
You: i took a meyers-briggs once
Stranger: i will enslave the human race bring back the pastwhen the killing of man was a sport in rome
You: the guy who tested me told my mother that he’d never seen anything like it
You: he said, “watch out for her”
You: question: if you enslave the entire human race
You: who are they going to be slaves to?
You: who holds the whips?
Stranger: i will create the ultimate race the return or the aryans pure germans the thing hitler coulnd accomplish i will


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