Blending Dreams with Reality

April 25, 2010 at 10:00 pm (Uncategorized)

I am still able to distinguish my dreams from my waking life. There are occasions when I have had trouble determining whether a far-distant memory of my very young childhood is fact or fiction, but these are extremely rare. More commonly, I experience memories of the long past in a similar way to memories of dreams, without confusing one for the other. I can see how this slight blurring of perception could develop, in some very isolated, desperate minds – though they are sane – into a blurring, and eventually deletion of the boundary between their perceptions of reality and their perceptions of dreaming. Perhaps in some cases such a state does not require desperation nor true isolation, but is rather the product of a self-imposed isolation due to a perceptual difference between the mind and others. Those who are convinced of their inalienable intellectual superiority may begin to confuse thought with truth.

What is it that makes isolation the font of delusion? Other people are certainly an important check when determining which of our conclusions and perceptions are valid.


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