Computers made me indecisive

April 15, 2008 at 12:31 pm (Fróðleikr, Ríta, Smáskitligr) (, , , )

When it asks me if I’m certain, I’m thrown into anxiety. Should I delete this folder? I have space, I have plenty of space, but I’m not using the contents. They’re old e-tickets from Ryanair. It’s not like I’ll ever need them again. I keep the folder. It’s a sore on the inside of my mouth that I can’t stop tonguing; I go through the motions of deleting it over and over, never going through. I eventually take it off my Desktop, hide it in some systems folder I never go into, where a makeshift wastebasket of old documents is piling up.

It starts happening in daily life. I can’t order coffee. I’m torn between vanilla caramel lattes and black no sugar drip coffee that melts tooth enamel. I buy Chex mix and trail mix and mix them together. I wear goth hippie dress casual clothes to work. I change channels obsessively so I can watch all of them at once. That goddamned systems folder is taking up a fifth of my hard drive space. My dog gets sick because I feed him five brands of multivitamin a day “just to make sure”.



  1. imolta said,

    I experience something similar; I just power through it by reducing my life to routine wherever possible, so my choices are already made for me.

    It makes me an utterly predictable diner.

  2. ataxas said,

    Thankfully this was just a parody. Based on real life, obviously.

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