And One (and introducing “The YouTube Mindfuck Game”)

March 17, 2008 at 7:55 pm (Smáskitligr) (, , , )

Real, high-quality videos for the German band “And One” are not very easy to find on YouTube.

Thus “The YouTube Mindfuck Game” is born.


1. Discover that a band you like is obscure because YouTube only coughs up the dark hairballs of live performances, and some assorted flotsam.

2. Find any and all videos with passable sound, that accurately represent the songs you want to share.

3. Select the most disturbing of those.

4. Post.

“I Love Your Earflaps”

“Some School in Germany is So Fucked Right Now”

“lol wut”

“Get Away From my Toddler”

I have to say, this band gets some good results.


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